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VPS Cloud Web Hosting

The NOX Marketing Cloud is on a virtual private server with a dedicated Solid State hard drive, processor and cache ram for just NOX clients, resting on a Fiber Optic internet backbone.

This is a big step up from the typical “Public” servers that are offered to most start-up web sites and small businesses.

A typical “public” server can have 100,000s of web sites on the same hard drive, being channeled through the same processor, and constantly fighting each other for access time between. Where as a typical “private” server has upto 250 sites per hard drive and processor. Speed, access, and security are hugely different between the two.

The main issue with security is the greater chance of one site, not being coded or secured correctly, infecting or shutting down multiple websites that that same hard drive. This is greatly increased on a “public” server where there are few controls, other than blanked shut downs, than over a private server, where each site is individually known, backed-up and secured.

The advantages of a public server is primarily cost, many are free, or free for the first few months, where as a private server naturally costs more to run. However NOX moved all of its clients’ websites and email accounts over to a Private server in 2017, at no additional cost to the clients. They now have the advantage of faster load times, a more secure email service, and greater server up time.