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Bringing Bright Ideas Into Focus

Powered by Years of Experience
Marketing Solutions
for the B2B Market



30 years of preparing and executing marketing campaigns for Industrial, Government, Retail and Corporate Clients.

Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Print, Road Shows, New-Media. Different methods for different markets, we have the experience to help you make the right choices.



Over 27 design awards for logos, advertisements, brochures, annual reports, presentations and trade show booths.

Whether you are starting a new corporate identity, corporate re-imagining, or just looking for a fresh website. We have the imagination to make it happen.


Trade Shows

Table-Top Presentations, Line Booth Displays, Out Door Displays, Island Booths, Signage.

Whatever your budget, we have already created solutions that will work for you too. Innovative messages, presentations, live presenters, A/V systems, or simple give-aways, there are tricks to bringing leads into your booth, let us show you how.

It’s just miracles that take a little longer!

Building a team of reliable suppliers and talent certainly helps in the miracle business.
Years of experience, patience and thinking ahead basically covers the rest.

Graduated with honours in the industrial heartland of the UK, and was granted membership into the Royal Society of Arts. First job was sweeping the floor of a lithography company, second was as a mechanical artist for a full scale printing company. Then picked up and apprenticed under an award winning advertising agency, before breaking out with Graphis Studios.

After a decade we were absorbed by our fastest growing clients and entered the corporate world of international marketing.

Two decades of corporate sales and marketing, throughout North America, has brought a full circle back to helping small to medium sized businesses get a market break with their new ideas.

Lets meet for coffee, and get your bright idea started.

Video Interview
A healthcare trade magazine reporter was making the rounds at an ANI Trade Show, he stopped by our booth…
Show Time
Trade Shows are dead… so I was told 20 years ago, when the first online trade shows were demonstrated.

Instead online trade shows have died but regular person-on-person trade shows are very much alive.

I have seen companies that have removed trade shows from their marketing budgets, but reinstated them years later as purchasers and clients still prefer face-to-face meetings, and doing business with people they know.

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Website design has changed over the years, but never more so than in the past couple.

Search engines have changed their rankings, and Google has become a very clear favorite.

Site optimization, followed by search engine optimization is just as important as the graphics and content. Finding a balance is always a challenge.

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Our Clients
From the one person business to the publicly traded corporation, everyone needs to market their products and services.

In this digital age it has become a lot less expensive to look professional, it just takes a little inspiration!

Happy Clients

ORMED MISChris Sherback


“Neill is like a one-man marketing department! He has experience in so many areas, saving the time and budget for multiple consultants.”
ComputronixDon Smallwood


“Neill has many gifts and has definitely left his mark on Computronix. Many achievements are visible and obvious, others will mature over time.”
Royal College of ArtsAlan Stevens

@Royal Society of Arts

“I have pleasure in informing you that you are duly elected an Associate of the Royal Society of Arts.”
Bishop & ComapnyD’Arcy Levesque

@Bishop & Company

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your special efforts on our projects. Needless to say, we appreciate the deadlines were less than ideal.”