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Freebies, Give-Aways, Promos, Goodies

What will they keep?
What will they loose?
What will they come back for?

Specialty Advertising

There are so many ideas out there for specialty advertising and promotional items, that it can take a lot of sorting through to find what works and for the best price.

We have sourced many items for clients, from custom chocolates, drinks, holiday packages, to portfolios, e-readers, and video players. Sometimes it just comes down to a basic pen, that is simply guaranteed to work, that is the most requested.

Most Unique: Note pad paper that is pressed from washed stone quarry dust, instead of bleached wood pulp from freshly cut trees. The finished product is smoother, stronger, and water resistant!

Through many years of experience, successes and failures, we can share stories and show you where we can save you hundreds of dollars by going factory direct and cutting out the importers.

Electronic: A recent case with an order for 250 USB drives we saved a client $500 and doubled the RAM capacity over the best local price.

Embroidery, silk screening, laser engraving, digital printing, all require different forms of art work for the best results. We have the conversion and editing programs to make sure your image reproduces as well as it can.

Most Popular: A Power Ball Point Pen, that writes at all angles, even upside down, and still works in -30c weather.

USB Thumb Drives

Memory seemed to get cheaper every six months, but it has leveled out at 8 Gig. as being the sweet spot for ordering USB Drives.

To go to 4 Gig. only saves around 25c per item. To Double to 16 Gig. typically adds $2.00.

Upgrading to USB 3.0 adds another $2.00.

With research we were able to find a competitive supplier that provided us with 16 Gig. for the same price as 8 Gig.

The quality of the engravings was exceptional.

There are many shapes and custom versions for USB drives. Ask about our sample kit.