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Booth Design, Management, Presentations, Lead Generation

Show Analysis
Logistics & Budget Setting
Lead Generation and Follow up

Trade Show Management

Trade Shows are dead… so I was told 20 years ago, when the first online trade shows were demonstrated.

Instead, online trade shows have died, regular person-on-person trade shows are very much still alive.

In these days of online marketing, email marketing, VOIP, Video conferencing, the personal face-to-face conversations are still the preferred way to conduct business. Trade shows offer that contact, the chance to get to know the person, the people, the company, and shake a real hand.

Best Return on Investment: The 20 x 20 foot booth offers the best return on investment for a trade show marketing campaign. Its the smallest size that gives you a full 16′ signage opportunity, and allows you to have 4 open sides to talk and attract visitors.

Having exhibited in almost every major trade show hall in Canada and the USA, even winning awards for the best show booth, there are many tales I can tell. But the important stories are the lessons and experiences that have been earned by being there, the successes and the failures, that have fine tuned a trade show management system that works.

Lead Generation: Attracting qualified leads to your booth requires pre-marketing, a presence that stands out, and a targeted message that speaks to your audience. Live presentations will always beat a static one, as they are interactive, and engage the audience. Its an investment, but can quadruple the lead generation and increase the ROI.

Budgeting, customs, logistics, show labour, construction and show management are all part of the hidden effort behind the scene before the sales team arrives and Show Time starts. Booth staffing, presentations, multimedia, give-aways, are part of the interactive experience to draw and engage the audience. Tear down, re crating, shipping and then lead management, analysis and follow up.

Trade show management entails all these fields, and many more. Trouble shooting is probably the most important, as something always requires attention!

Fastest Booth: The plugin inflatable booth is the fastest to erect, and fastest to pack-up! Just undo the plug and roll up! Certainly saves significantly on shipping, labour and time, especially when traveling abroad.

20 x 20 Booth Design

A mix of hard wall and soft wall construction. A presentation area that is open to two sides, greeting desk, multi media, colourful signage, tall corporate identity, two demo desks, lead management and storage.