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Due to unforseen health issues, NOX clients are being transfered


30 years of preparing and executing marketing campaigns for Industrial, Government, Retail and Corporate Clients.

Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Print, Road Shows, New-Media. Different methods for different markets, we have the experience to help you make the right choices.


Over 27 design awards for logos, advertisements, brochures, annual reports, presentations and trade show booths.

Whether you are starting a new corporate identity, corporate re-imagining, or just looking for a fresh website. We have the imagination to make it happen.

Trade Shows

Table-Top Presentations, Line Booth Displays, Out Door Displays, Island Booths, Signage.

Whatever your budget, we have already created solutions that will work for you too. Innovative messages, presentations, live presenters, A/V systems, or simple give-aways.

Logo Design


Corporate Identity


Graphic Design


Web Design

Neill Orr, 1957-2021

Originally graduating from Design College in the UK, Neill found his first position in Canada with the full service Metropolitan Printing company as a Mechanical Artist.

Quickly moving up to the Advertising Agency world, serving large clients such as Western Canada Lotteries and AADAC, he then started his own Graphic Design company serving the agencies and many local businesses.

One of those clients laughed about becoming large one day, and hiring him full time. That day did arrive, and Neill’s studio became the marketing department of a now large software company selling across North America and the world.

Marketing Director; Graphic Designer; Trade Show Manager; Photographer; Web Designer; Media Buyer; become the many hats one had to bare to serve a fast paced environment, that took him to most large cities across continental North America.

Today Neill has taken all that experience, and gone back to his passion of serving local small and medium local businesses, helping them to grow and find their own markets in the new digital and social media world.

Marketing Years

Designing Years

Pancreatic Cancer bears no discrimination, it attacks anyone, but by the time you know about it, it is already too late.

Sadly Neill was diagnoised with the cancer in January, and is now retiring early to take the last few months left to him as easy as possible.

Thank you for all the great clients over the years that I have had the privilage to service, create logos and websites for.

It has truely has been a rewarding career.

Jennifer Dobbin has stepped up to take over my client list to ensure continuity, and leave no one stranded.

Thank you Jennifer – Dobbin Consulting Inc. 403.922.9365

Our Web Services

Cloud Web Hosting, Email Accounts, DNS Registration, SEO Analysis.


Website design has changed over the years, but never more so than in the past couple.

Search engines have changed their rankings, and Google has become a very clear favourite.

Site optimization, followed by search engine optimization is just as important as the graphics and content. Finding a balance is always a challenge.

Analytics starts with understanding what your own key words and phrases are for your segment of the industry. There is so much work that can be done before spending or registering for any analytic programs.

Having said that, it is often helpful to start off by analyzing your competitor’s websites and understanding what key words are working for them, and making sure you are at least on the same page.

We subscribe to some of the industry’s most effective analytic tools, to help set the bar for your website.

Creating a digital foot print is the most effective way to create digital credibility, and earn a good Google ranking score. This takes time and energy, there are no short cuts! Steadily adding to your blog, cross posting to your social media, and investing in Google Ad Words are the best proven path ways to raising your ranks.

Consistent corporate image, and message across all your public presences. From your logos, brochures, advertisements, websites, social media, even your truck decals.

Quality and consistency to your brand, will build your credibility, and make your company look bigger than it is.